The Bakehouse is owned by me, Ale short for Alessandra, pronounced Ali not the drink.

If you followed me from The Game Changer Kitchen, you may already know my back story. If you don't, you can read about it here.

I'm 32, I have two children currently 4 and 2. The Bakehouse is my second coffee shop. The main reason for opening The Bakehouse was because I was looking for a small unit to bake our cakes from, as the Kitchen at The Game Changer Kitchen was far too small for service and baking.

When I spotted the unit online, I knew I had to have it. I immediately called the estate agent, coincidently the same estate agent I used for GCK unit, so she knew who I was and she knew the potential I'd turn the unit into.

On the odd days I do get off, when the GCK is closed, all I ever fancy is a really decent sandwich for lunch or a jacket potato (we are yet to launch jacket potatoes). Call me basic I know. I may be wrong, but I am yet to find a really decent sandwich shop in Milton Keynes with great homemade cakes. 

So this is what I'm bringing, a small cute coffee shop, tucked away in a small estate, unless you lived in Newport Pagnell, you wouldn't know exist. It has free parking outside. I'm bringing the same delicious coffee from local roaster Woodenhill, a dark roast. It's the best coffee, if you know you know! 

We have a couple of chairs available to sit in, or you can grab your food and go all within a couple of minutes turn around. Freshly made, Fast food all made with love. 

There's so much I'd love to do with The Bakehouse, corporate catering, private catering, picnic boxes, Afternoon Teas. Keep an eye out. 

Hope to see you at The Bakehouse soon!