How The Game Changer Kitchen Started

When I was pregnant with my son at 25 weeks, I emailed my boss I was pregnant, at the time I worked for a gambling company from home online, it would have been my 10th year working in online gambling sector, very random I know. The following day, my boss sacked me for a different reason. I did take him to court and I didn't win, unfortunately that is not how I funded The Game Changer Kitchen - I wish! 

Anyways, being 25 weeks pregnant with an obvious bump, I couldn't get a job in the same industry, I soon gave up interviewing. My dad has owned his coffee shop since I can remember, so he kindly gave me a few shifts there to help pay my mortgage. 

My partner Jake at the time worked at DW gym, he had a lot of clients that weren't the best at portion control. So he suggested I started cooking for them and portioning their food into tupperware other words called meal prep.

So I built a website, came up with 6 different meals, uploaded them to a website